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Weald Rise
Primary School

Rising to the challenge,
striving for excellence

Starting in Year 3, all children have the opportunity to learn French at Weald Rise Primary School. Every week, children experience exciting lessons delivered by a French specialist teacher, learning the language in a range of different ways including singing songs, chanting rhymes and participating in role play.

In June 2019, a large group of Year 4 and Year 5 pupils travelled to France for the day to practise their speaking and listening skills as well as to experience French culture in reality. Travelling by the shuttle, they enjoyed visiting Boulogne Sur-Mer old town, seeing the largest sea life centre in Europe as well as shopping in the hypermarket near Calais.


Year Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2

Getting to know you

Greet each other

Exchange names

Ask how someone is

Count to 10

Say how old you are

All About Me

Understand and follow instructions

Name parts of the body

Identify colours and say what they are wearing


Family and Friends

Identify and introduce family and pets and spell their names

Learn the names for places in their own home


Our School

Learn vocabulary of school places and objects






Learn to say the days of the week, months and dates

Count on from 11 to 31



Food, Glorious Food!

Learn the vocabulary for a range of food to express likes and dislikes

Count and use plural nouns


All Around Town

Learn about some of the sights of some typical French cities

Learn to describe places in a town

Count to 100

Give their address in French


On the Move

Develop conversational skills

Learn to conjugate the high frequency verb 'to go' in context






Going Shopping

Develop conversational skills

Learn to conjugate the high frequency verb 'to go' in context





Where in the World

Learn specific countries of the UK, continents and animals from different continents

Learn key phrases connected to the themes


What's the time?

Learn how to tell the time: o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to

Learn how to read timetables and schedules and answer simple questions about these

Holidays and Hobbies

Learn specific vocabulary of how to say what the weather is like, temperatures, names of different sports and hobbies

Learn key phrases





Getting to Know You

Apply previous knowledge from Y3 and Y4

Learn to express their emotions and talk about the future using two tenses







All about Ourselves

Apply previous knowledge of topic areas

Learn to describe their own appearance 











Family and Friends

Apply previous knowledge of topic areas

Expand vocabulary and consolidate understanding of descriptive language including subjective descriptions

Learn how French Adjectives must 'agree' with the noun they describe in relation to number and gender


School Life

Key vocabulary related to objects, subject and prepositional language

Learn the names of 2D shapes in French









Time Travelling

Talk about key events in French history

Use one of the common past tenses in French to give dates of birth/death for famous French people.

Begin to use grammatical terms such as conjugation, auxiliary and infinitive verb

That's tasty

Learn to describe own appearance 

Learn about the position of adjectives in a sentence in French












Let's visit a French Town

Apply previous skills

Use bilingual dictionaries

Increase understanding of word classes














Let's go Shopping

Learn about the shopping experience in France

Describe the colours of clothes

Use prepositional language

Learn key phrases for asking questions needed when going shopping








This is France

Learn about the shopping experience in France


Role play
















All in a Day

Continue to develop skills taught since the start of the year