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Our Vision and Principles for Science


At Weald Rise Primary School, Science allows children’s curiosity to be cultivated. It enables children to develop high order thinking skills as well as widening their vocabulary. It allows children to take charge of their own learning. Science at Weald Rise supports children in making links and connections to their everyday lives and helps them to see science as something which is part of their day to day life. As a school we aim to provide children with a sound understanding of science, key skills and the world around them, which will allow them to move onto the following chapter of their learning.  

Key principles for teaching and learning in science

Science is good when……

  • Lessons link to everyday life.
  • Children work scientifically through hands on investigations.
  • Open ended questioning is used.
  • Children take charge of their own investigations.
  • Children use trial and error when investigating.
  • Both indoor and outdoor environments are used.
  • Children are given the opportunity to talk about their learning in science.
  • Lessons are engaging for all pupils.
  • Cross curricular links are made where appropriate.
  • Children are given the opportunity to apply new knowledge and skills.